Why Real Estate Developers Should Hire Security Guards for Their Gated Communities

Without a doubt, the epitome of luxury living is staying in a gated community. Thus, as a real estate investor, developing gated communities is a sure-fire way to maximise profits since you are guarantee that there will be a constant demand for these residences. However, it is important to bear in mind that a major selling point of living in a gated community is enhanced security.

Therefore, if you do not want to lose tenants, you need to ensure that you are taking vital measures to keep them safe whenever they are in their homes. While installing CCTV cameras and alarm systems can give your residents a sense of security, it is important that you also weigh the advantages of looking into security guards for hire too. Read on for a few of the persuasive reasons why real estate developers should hire security guards for their gated communities.

1. Security guards will provide the residents with real-time emergency responses

If any of your residents was to be faced with an emergency, perhaps a break in or maybe a medical emergency, it can take time for the authorities to make their way to the scene. In some scenarios, a few minutes can make the difference between somebody getting seriously injured or expensive goods being stolen. Consequently, the affected resident and their neighbours may start to feel unsafe in the community, which can lead to a mass exodus.

Rather than run the risk of losing tenants, you should have security guards on the ground to offer your residents real-time emergency responses. With security guards on-site, you are guaranteed that issues such as theft, vandalism, disputes and more can be diffused in record time and may not even need the intervention of local authorities.

2. Security guards will keep meticulous records of all traffic in and out of the gated community

Monitoring who comes in and goes out of your gated community is not about invading people's privacy. Instead, exhaustive records of all foot and vehicle traffic in and out of the community can go a long way in tracking down potential suspects in the event something is to happen inside this community. Unlike CCTV cameras that will simply record images of individuals and then you would have to conduct multiple interviews to determine if anyone can identify a specific person, the security guards will greatly simplify the process of collecting relevant data.

For example, the security guards can be instructed to take down the number plates of each vehicle that drives into the community that does not belong to any resident. Moreover, visitors may be required to register their identification while signing in and out of the community. Consult with the security company about which measures can be taken to monitor traffic in and out of the gated community without the security guards being too intrusive.