Three Tips for Purchasing Security Mesh Screens

One of the most reliable approaches to boosting home security is installing a mesh screen over doors. In general, doorways are the most exposed areas in a residential structure. Moreover, a strong door with a good lock does not always provide the best level of protection. If you install mesh security screens, you will increase the difficulty of breaking in. Moreover, the new feature will act as a deterrence for unauthorised persons. However, you must choose a quality mesh door to get the right results. Here are some screen-selection tips to ensure great performance.

Consider Security Level

It is not uncommon for homeowners to fail to consider the level of protection that a security mesh screen will offer before purchase. As a result, numerous people install a lightweight structure which only works as a fly screen. You should avoid acquiring a poor-quality unit which will not enhance your security by conducting a thorough evaluation. Check the properties of the screen door and evaluate the various testing details indicated for the products.

You should begin your selection process by looking at the material and the fabrication design. The screen should be made of a resilient metal like stainless steel or industrial-grade aluminium. Also, ensure that the mesh is made using tough, woven wires or thick, perforated metal sheets. Keep in mind that security doors are tested for quality of performance. A good door should have passed all evaluations, including dynamic impact, knife shear, probe and jemmy tests.

Evaluate the Visibility

The visibility through the mesh screen is an important factor for a lot of homeowners. Some people like opening their main doors and keeping the security screen locked. This allows them to enjoy their outdoor environment without compromising security. If the screen does not have good visibility, this effect will be poor. Moreover, numerous homeowners like the natural ventilation that comes with an open door. In general, you will enjoy a better view and more fresh air by choosing a mesh with smaller woven wire strands.  

Think About the Cost

Finally, you should check the cost of acquiring a good security mesh screen. These doors are more expensive than lightweight fly screens. However, their performance and durability will be exceptional. Keep in mind that the price will most likely be proportional to the quality. Therefore, consider splurging a little. For instance, you can opt for the more expensive stainless steel doors with high-grade security locks and high-strength framing. If you have limited funds, discuss alternatives with your vendor.