Two Reasons Why Owners of Unoccupied Properties Should Use a Security Patrol Service

If you own a building that is unoccupied and is likely to remain empty for the foreseeable future, you should arrange for one or two security guards to patrol it at all times (even if there is nothing valuable inside it). Continue reading to discover why. 

To deter or remove squatters

One of the main risks of leaving a building unoccupied for a long time is that squatters may catch wind of the fact that it is empty and attempt to stealthily move into it. In addition to causing damage to the interior, squatters can also be hard for a building owner to get rid of once they have set up camp, and removing them often requires the involvement of the authorities and a lot of legal fees.

However, you could reduce the chances of encountering this issue with your own empty building, if you use a security patrol service. The security team that you hire will spend their shifts walking around the building and checking for signs that squatters are trying to enter or have already entered the building. If the squatters see that the building is being patrolled, they will be much less likely to proceed with any plans they had to illegally move in. Even if some squatters manage to sneak past the security patrol team, they'll be found and removed very shortly after their arrival. In this manner, using this patrol service could spare you the strife and costs of dealing with squatters who have established a home for themselves on your property.

To ensure the property's value isn't lowered by the actions of vandals

The other group of people that are likely to be attracted to your unoccupied building are vandals. If there is no-one patrolling the property, vandals could get in and cause damage that might lower the property's value. For example, if they deliberately flood the property's bathrooms and kitchens and there is no one doing patrols of the building, the water might flow unabated for days, in which case it could cause massive damage. Likewise, if they set fire to the unpatrolled building, the fire might not get reported for several hours, until those in neighbouring properties smell the smoke. This, too, could destroy the property to the point where, without exorbitantly-expensive repair work, its value would drop quite dramatically.

Having professionals patrolling your empty building will mean that if any vandals damage it, the patrol team will not only stand a good chance of catching them but will be able to nip whatever damage the vandals did in the bud (by, for example, turning off the running taps or calling the fire brigade).

If you need a security patrol for your property, contact a security company in your area.