Retail Security: 2 Occasions You Should Consider Plain Clothes Security

Security guards can play a vital role in protecting a commercial business. Uniformed security guards that patrol a retail store can provide a highly visible deterrent which can help to deter shoplifters. However, there are times when hiring undercover security guards for your store is a better option. Read on to find out about two occasions when you should consider hiring an undercover security guard for your retail store.

1. Your store is targeted when protected by uniformed security guards

If you find that your shop is being targeted by shoplifters despite the fact that you have hired uniformed security guards, this could be a sign that their presence is no longer having the desired effect. Thieves will often get used to certain security guards and will learn how and when they operate so they can adapt the way they steal from your store. Introducing an undercover security guard is a great way of disrupting criminal activity in your store. The plain clothed security operative will be able to observe any potential shoplifters without the thieves being aware of the fact they are under observation. Once word gets out that you have plain clothes security officers in your store, then in the thief's eyes, every customer in the shop is a potential threat, which should help to deter them from attacking your store.

2. You suspect that staff may be involved in a crime

Things can be very tricky if you suspect that your own staff are involved in a crime which is taking place within your store. Because employees have access to keys, passwords and logins, they can access restricted areas and sensitive data. It has been known for thieves to approach and recruit members of staff so that they agree to work for the criminal in what is known as an 'inside job'. By hiring a plain clothes security officer, you can place your own staff under surveillance when they are on the shop floor. The security guard will be able to note any unusual behaviour and can also collect evidence of staff misconduct which can be used as part of a criminal prosecution or internal disciplinary action.

If you are interested in finding out more about the benefits that a plain clothes security guard can bring to your retail store, you should make contact with a local security guard service today. A member of the team will be happy to discuss your needs before recommending a suitable security package.