Aspects to Focus On When Burglar-Proofing Your Commercial Doors

Securing the doors on your commercial property is vital for the protection of your employees plus all valuables on the premises. Nonetheless, business owners tend to assume that as long as their business is located in a relatively safe neighbourhood, the only measure they have to take is to make sure the doors are lockable. In reality, any lapse in security puts your business at risk, so it does not matter where your property is located. Burglar proofing is critical to making sure that opportunistic vandals do not access your property. Fortunately, knowing what as to focus on when implementing security systems on your premises can significantly help in burglar-proofing your commercial doors.

Focus on the material the doors are made of

The first line of defense in making your commercial property doors more secure is being meticulous in your selection of materials. All entries that grant access to your building should be curated from materials with a solid core. This inner strength makes it extremely hard for your doors to be brought down by brute force. Some of the choice materials that you could select for your principal entryways include fibreglass, steel and any other building supply that has an enhanced resistance against high impact.

Focus on reinforcing glass panelling

Glass has steadily become a consistent choice in commercial property design as it adds clean lines and improved aesthetics for office buildings. However, the glass you choose goes a long way in determining how secure your doors and windows will be. Unlike residential properties, office spaces should steer clear from annealed glass, as this type does not add any degree of security to your building. Instead, stick to toughened and tempered varieties that are specifically designed to resist impact. Additionally, you should elect to reinforce all the glass panelling on your doors and windows with security film. The security film is beneficial in two main ways. Firstly, burglars will find it difficult to break through the glass. Secondly, in the unlikely event that the glass is breached, the security film holds it in place rather than the panels shattering to the floor.

Focus on the doorframe

Having your door comprising solid materials and secure locks is well and good, but if the frame is not up to par, then these measures will not matter. The frame does not only function to mount the door in place. Solid framing could mean the difference between an easy break in and a burglar deterrent. An easy way fortify the doorframe is by utilising galvanised steel to reinforce the frame.