What to Look for When Buying a CCTV Security System for Your Home

With the ease of ordering nearly everything you need for daily living online, many people have started seeking out items they would normally go to a specialty store to buy. One of these items is a CCTV security system for the home. Traditionally, you may have gone to a security store or company and been advised of every aspect of the system before buying. Now, you go online and choose based on your own criteria. The problem with this is you may be overlooking the specifications of a CCTV system that would be best for you in lieu of going with something easy to set up or something cheaper. If you are in the market for this type of purchase, here are some things that are must-haves for your home security.

Voice and Video Surveillance

Many of the CCTV security systems available to you will offer visual but not voice. When you have children in the home, having a voice system is vital. When you choose a voice and visual, you need to check the audio specifications. There is a misconception that audio means 2-way voice. It often does not. If you see an audio and visual specification, you likely will get the visual of the room or rooms but only be able to hear what is going on in that room. If you want to be able to speak to someone in that room or area, like a small child, then you will need the audio specification to read 2-way. This will allow you to communicate and see what is going on.

Mobile Monitor

When you look at a CCTV security system online, you may think that you are going to have mobility like you would with a baby monitoring system or something similar. The truth is, some of the less expensive security systems do not offer as much mobility as you think. You want to look for either a mobile base unit that allows you to monitor the multiple cameras in your home or the ability to use a smartphone device and your computer or tablet to monitor the cameras. This will allow you to see multiple rooms and check on the home when you are away. It also works for in-home babysitter monitors as well as pet sitter monitors or monitoring pets when you are away.

Security Alerts and Connection

Many of the CCTV security systems you can purchase online may offer security to you in the sense that you can see and hear what is going on in the home or around the home. The issue is when an emergency comes up. If someone is trying to break into your home or is abusing your animals or child, you want to make sure that you have connections to the proper emergency response units. This usually means connecting to a security company that will notify the proper authorities. If you don't want an emergency response team and you want to handle it yourself, then you will need to have security alerts. This alert system sends messages to your phone, tablet or computer to notify you of an issue and security breach. Keep in mind, this tends to work only with breaches of security and not as an alert system to abuse by a sitter in the home.

These are just three of the things you need to look for when you purchase a CCTV security system online. By keeping these three points in mind, you will ensure that you are getting a system that allows you the security you want and the ability to respond as necessary.