3 Ways to Deter a Burglar

Home security is something which everyone should take seriously. The fear of being at the mercy of an intruder is a visceral sensation which every homeowner has experienced at least once or twice in their life, usually during a dark and spooky night, after hearing something go bump in the night. Here are some of the top tips for putting off a would-be intruder.  

Lock All Doors & Windows

While it may seem like burglars are terrifying criminal masterminds with top-secret criminal tricks which they can use in order to easily infiltrate your home, the reality is quite different. Despite what some of the more sensationalist films out there might have you believe, most burglars are simple opportunists.

According to one study, 66% of burglars decide to rob a house when they see an open window or door. In order to deter the burglars, you need to think in terms of risk and reward and then make sure the ratio isn't in their favour. Keep curtains drawn when you're not home, in order to keep valuables out of sight. Also, make sure that all doors and windows are locked whenever you're away. Most of those "criminal masterminds" will just shrug and think it is not worth it.  

Remove Cover

The same study which points out how little imagination most burglars have, also tells us that they love high walls and anything else which might help give them cover when they're getting up to their nefarious activities. Often, visibility is one of your best friends in deterring a break-in. No burglar likes the thought of being spotted from the street while they're trying to clamber through an open window.

The more visible the entrances to your home are, the more the odds are stacked against a burglar managing to get away with a robbery unseen. Go for fences rather than walls wherever possible and try to make sure that your neighbours can see what's going on when you're out.

Invest in a Dog

Love and companionship aside, man's best friend also serves a variety of practical functions. In terms of home protection, a dog is one of the oldest bits of security technology around. The simple truth is that most burglars aren't looking for a fight. If caught in the act they might panic and use violence out of desperation, but they are unlikely to venture into a situation where the risks of harm or discovery are stacked against them.

A dog creates risk of injury, but also (perhaps more importantly) the risk of exposure. You don't need a fearsome Rottweiler in order to scare away a thief; any kind of dog which will barking wildly when an intruder decides to try his luck.

Learn more ways to personally secure your home or property by consulting with security services.