Tips for Adding Security to Your Home Without Detracting from Its Appearance

Many homeowners may feel that they can choose to have a secure home, or they can choose to have an attractive home, but not both. It is true that some home security features, such as oversized metal fences and security gates, can make a house feel more like a compound. However, there are some simple things every homeowner can do to increase security in the home without detracting from its appearance. Note a few of those here.

1. Install Deadbolts on the Windows

Bars on your windows are sure to make your home feel like a prison, but often just updating the locks on the inside of the windows is all you need instead. Heavy-duty deadbolts can work much better than standard locks provided by the manufacturer for keeping out thieves and intruders. They are very difficult to pry open and many can have their latching mechanism installed at different heights. This allows you to open the window a small amount and still slide the deadbolt through the frame, so you can get in fresh air while not having your window's security compromised.

2. Connect Your Locks to Your Smartphone

Today's security features can do much more than allow you to set an alarm after locking your door; apps can connect your locks to your smartphone so you can lock and unlock your doors remotely. This allows you to ensure your home's security even when on the road or away from a computer connection. You can also check on your home's locks at night without having to leave your bedroom; if you suspect someone has broken in, your smartphone app can allow you to check if any doors are unlocked. You can also use the app to unlock doors for your children who get home before you, and then ensure they're locked again behind them.

3. Install Security Screen Doors

If you like to keep your doors open during the day, a normal screen door may not be the most secure option. A flimsy aluminum door with a small metal lock is very easy to simply yank open, and someone could then easily walk into your home. A better option is a security screen door. These are designed to look very attractive but are made of thicker, stronger metal and will have a thicker screen that is tougher to cut. Their locks may also be stronger and may include a deadbolt for added security. They will keep your home protected without detracting from the appearance of your entryway. For more information, contact GPW Security Screens & Doors Pty Ltd